AC1000 - Injen Air Filter Monitor Kit

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Part #: AC1000
Notes: Air Filter Monitor Kit
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Product Description

Injen Technologys air filter monitoring system has taken the guesswork of knowing when your air filter needs to be serviced. Injens filter monitor gauge P/N AC1000 constantly monitors air filter restriction to provide you with a positive visual notification of when your air filter needs servicing. The system is simple to read and reset. When the air filter is clean with little restriction, the needle will stay in the green portion of the gauge. As the air filter moves through its service life, restriction will begin to build and the needle will move to the yellow portion of the gauge. Once Injens filter monitor needle reaches the red zone, it is time to clean your air filter and reset the Filter Minder gauge by simply moving the needle back to the green area of the gauge.

Injens filter monitor gauge are easy to install. Simply tap into a vacuum source on the lid of your air filter and connect the vacuum hose to the back of the Filter Minder gauge. Each system comes complete with detailed installation instructions and the parts required to complete the install, include a remote mounting bracket for under your hood.