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Water Injection Systems UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
HFS-2 HFS-2 is designed for non-crucial applications where engine power is being lost due to high ambient and poor fuel quality. Under those circumstance the ECU will retard timing and dump fuel to keep the engine safe. This system can reclaim most of those losses and in some case a small amount of boost pressure can be raised to increase power (within the safe operating limits of ECU.
HFS-4 HFS-4 is designed to read three Di related signals to meter water/methanol flow. Thew fuel flow of the Di engine is now based on pulse width, fuel line pressure and manifold pressure. Idc% detection only reveals a portion of the actual fuel flow. This new capability is an addition to our existing HFS-3. In its own right is doing wonderful work on all the existing conventional and Di engines. Think of the HSF-4 as an investment for the present and beyond.
HFS-3 HFS3-v2 This system the most advanced system on the market to date. It utilises an inline valve to meter fluid flow, similar to the factory fuel injection system. It tracks the fuel flow and manifold pressure signal and coverts them to water/methanol flow. User is able to set the starting point and re-scale the incoming signals. Gauge and turbine flow sensor is standard. It monitors low flow, over flow and power cut and reduce boost automatically or switch map (on some ECUs) or both. This includes .Aquamist DDS3 Flow Monitoring and Failsafe SystemThe DDS3 flow-monitoring safety system is the finest available in the water injection industry. It is capable of being fully integrated with any manufacturers injection system. The unit is configurable for failsafe sensitivity of blockages and leaks. The unit has contacts for switching maps in the ECU, actuating wastegate solenoids, as well as other features.

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