FMWCW1 - Forge Motorsport Watercooled External Wastegate

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Part #: FMWCW1
Notes: Adjustable Watercooled External Wastegate
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Product Description

Having been the world leaders in aftermarket replacement turbo actuators for the last 20 years we spent a long time conducting market research and development to find exactly what would constitute “The World’s Best External Wastegate“ and here we are… Forge Motorsport proudly present the world’s first piston wastegate with optional water cooling capability – the FMWCW1.

Following the release of our original piston operated wastegate we knew that we wanted to create a product that would perform to the same capability but within a more compact area.

In striving to do this, our engineers managed to develop a wastegate that exceeded all expectations.

Our new wastegate is 45% smaller than the original, and can withstand temperatures of over 1000℃ . The internals have been designed so that the piston is more responsive than ever. It is the world’s first external, piston operated wastegate with water-cooling capability.


  • Compact design for installation in even the tightest locations.
  • Fully tuneable from 4psi to 26psi spring pressure (0.28 to 1.79bar). (Tuning beyond 26psi will require a boost controller)
  • More accurate boost control with custom Eibach springs made specifically for this application.
  • Fully serviceable with no specialist tools required.
  • Anodized billet housing.
  • Water-cooled option as standard to keep the piston, O-ring and cylinder within their optimum operating range.
  • NO Diaphragm to fail, unlike our competitors, which enables the use of high pressure compressor driven boost control above the piston if necessary or desired, without the danger of the diaphragm turning inside out
  • Unique lightweight piston design.
  • Faster response.
  • Original purchaser has “Forge Motorsport Lifetime Warranty”.
  • 304 Stainless Steel CNC machined V-band clamps supplied for easy installation and maximum clamping force.
  • 44mm industry standard weld on fittings supplied for installation to any existing 44mm set up.
  • Adjustable water inlet and outlet position.

With all the Engineering aspects taken care of we needed to be sure we had the best performing springs controlling this new innovative product, so rather than using a commercial spring maker we turned to the masters of spring technology ….Eibach.

Accurate turbo boost control is critical to the safe and smooth running of any forced induction engine. There are many design elements to a Wastegate that contribute to its boost control accuracy (boost sensitivity) but perhaps none more significant than the spring. The Wastegate spring is the component that ultimately controls the pressure at which the Wastegate valve opens and bleeds exhaust gases away from the turbo. Eibach, as a spring manufacturer, needs no introduction, having been seen on high end motorsport and high end road cars for many decades now. They represent the ‘best’ the industry has to offer. The Forge Motorsport engineers set out a brief to Eibach and what they proposed was nothing short of ‘best in class’ – exactly what we expected. The springs are made from a very high strength Silicone Chrome spring steel (same as they use for F1 springs!) and most notably for this application, have a tolerance of +/-70g of force at the blow open load – that’s the equivalent force of a small confectionary bar! So boost sensitivity, the pressure change over the target pressure that causes the valve to blow open, is now greatly enhanced and so, therefore, is the boost control.